Non-Dilutive Funding Model

Profit-Sharing is a non-dilutive funding model that constitutes a win-win scenario for both investors and startups. A highly attractive transparent approach conceived for an inclusive investment ecosystem.
This model enables efficient scaling and sustainable growth through the provision of patient capital and returns based on a shared-profit, shared-risk basis.
Non-dilutive form of patient capital with no requirements for board seats.
Profit-First Approach
Rather than sharing revenue, we share profits and risk.
Flexible Payments
The payments in the form of preferred dividends are flexible in monthly, quarterly or yearly payments and are variable up to a return cap.
Our model, terms and conditions and business structure are shariah-compliant implying our investment structure is transparent and ethical.
Quicker Access to Funding
Startups get quicker access to capital as traditional processes are automatically streamlined through our ML algorithm.

Innsaei vs Traditional Funding Mechanisms

 Innsaei VenturesTypical Revenue ShareTypical VC
 Our model, terms and conditions and business structure are shariah-compliant.Terms and conditions and business structure are shariah-compliant.Conditions and business structure are shariah-compliant.
Stake Dilution (Equity)ZeroZero15 - 30%
Cost of capitalLow to MediumMedium to HIghHigh
Buffer Period6 monthsN/AN/A
Payment TermsFlexibleMonthly/QuarterlyUpon Exit
Advisory ServicesYesNoLimited
Indicative offerInstant24 hours - 1 week3-5 weeks
Access to capital3-4 weeks3-8 weeks6-12 weeks

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