As a company we are committed to embody the change we want to see in the industry, so everything we do is driven by the following 5 principles:



Everything is interconnected and, for us, it’s all about connecting the dots. How we invest is the result of how we understand the world: an integrated system, not a sum of individual elements.



Healthy growth of companies with the genuine promotion of a fair and transparent financial model is the Innsaei mindset. We incentivize this through a socially responsible ethos with no hidden fees and the betterment of people, environment and society being our utmost priorities.



The current trajectory of a unicorn-centred industry with an ‘exclusive club’ mindset is not ideal. We aim to change this by creating an inclusive environment where every great idea and potential investor gets a chance. We give a stage to the next generation of entrepreneurs and funders to realise their full potential.



At Innsaei Capital, we don’t chase future unicorns, instead we look at companies with the vision of long-term growth and sustainable profits in order to make their necessity of raising capital in the future, redundant.

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